Are you 420 ready?

Are you ready for 420 day?  Just under a month away.

So where did “420 originate?  There are several stories behind its origin.  Originated from the Grateful Dead I like the story that it was the time to meet up after school at a specific location and smoke a joint with friends. I believe it was Point Reyes, California forest.  Could also be a group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos.  Brings back memories of my college days when we stashed our weed in a TDK cassette case, some of you remember the cassette tapes ?  Yeah just before those things called CD’s.  Yean I’m a baby boomer. I’m sure you had a code word you used for as well.  Yeah good times.

Celebrate in style with a new wood pipe.  Look at these techniques to get free “420 material” ok free weed.  Here is a cool way to get a little bit free.

  1. Bring a brand new grinder to where ever you’re going to celebrate.  When someone breaks out the good stuff offer them your grinder to use.  Tell them it is brand new and you would love to break it in with some quality stuff.  More than often they will leave a little for you in your grinder.
  • Have a brand new unused pipe ready.  When they break out the good stuff say “ hey I have a brand new pipe I was waiting to tryout.  You may only get what is left after a smoking session but hey it could be a hit or 2 in there.
  • There are some airports that have disposal locations for travels that can’t take it on the plane.  Now I’m not saying you should stand next to the disposal and ask for the left overs but I have seen some very creative ways that people have been near them and asked if they could “get rid of that for you”. Just don’t do this to often and dress like your about to fly , pun intended.

420 Events…