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BURNOUT – Leading cause to a new pipe being destroyed by lighters.

The most typical reason for burnout is lighter misuse. Whenever a pipe is brand new and fairly unsmoked it will be susceptible. The inside walls of the pipe are literally vulnerable. Intense flame as produced by a lighter being drawn down the raw wall of the pipe will certainly result in it to burn and crack. Unless immediately repaired will certainly lead the pipe to burnout. 

A recommendation to avoid this would be to switch to matches until the pipe develops a carbon wall. Don’t try to fire up the last bit of tobacco with your lighter. Tobacco is less expensive than a pipe and a small amount can be lost in order to preserve it. My next recommendation is to avoid work with a lighter at all even after a pipe is used for a while.

Burnout that occurs over a period of time is typically due to very hot smoking. Hot, or fast tokers are going to put a lot more strain on their pipes than those who toke lightly. Given enough time, and heat, the inner bowl walls will weaken and commence to char and crack. This is not the fault of the pipe; it is a piece of wood and is subject to the forces of nature. If you re a hot smoker try to stay with thicker bowl wall as this will allow the delay of the degradation of the pipe. Even a briar pipe.